Be her LEADER –

Equality is a LIE.

It doesn’t EXIST.

Men and women are NOT equal. They are NOT the same. MOST of relationship issues arise from THIS belief that men and women are the same – that they THINK and BEHAVE the same way.


Women want a LEADER. A man who takes the LEAD WITHOUT having told to do so.

What does it mean to be her Leader?

The way a parent LEADS a child. That you take MOST of the decisions, and ALL of the major ones. Where are you taking her for a date, where are you going for a vacation, which city do you want to settle in, where should you buy a house – just some of the examples where YOU as a MAN need to take the LEAD and take a decision.

Women HATE having to take decisions, but they LIKE THINKING they have the POWER to take them. If you want to learn how to balance both SMOOTHLY, sign up for one of our sessions, and we’ll notify you when the next slot opens up!

What being a Leader DOES NOT MEAN – Being a leader does NOT mean being a tyrant who NEVER listens to anybody else. You can take your girl’s inputs, give them DUE consideration, and then take a decision. It does not have to be what she wants – it NEEDS to be what YOU think is RIGHT.

Your girl may FRET initially if she doesn’t like what you decide – but will come to respect you in the long run. (e.g. turning down her demand to go on a foreign holiday when your budget does not allow it)

You two are NOT partners. You are in a superior – subordinate relationship. You are the Captain – she is NOT your co-captain – she is your flight attendant.

Don’t take her TOO seriously –
Women say a LOT of things. Most of them are not to be taken at face value. She speaks her emotions. And her emotions are born out of her hormones. And her hormones fluctuate DAILY. Some days, she wants NOTHING to do with you, other days she can’t get enough of you, some days she is mad at you for NO reason, still other days she is lovey-dovey. If you try and talk to her about this, you will lose. Women do not argue within reason. They will emotionally reframe the argument and YOU WILL LOSE.

PRO – TIP: Know her menstrual cycle – You will be able to predict WHEN she is horny, when her mood will be off, etc. An ex of mine used to ROUTINELY start fights when her exams and her menses co-incided.

So, do not take her so seriously ALL the time.


Her: I hate you!

You: I hate you too (with a smile and wink)

Her: You NEVER listen to me!

You: Huh? (cup your ear and make an exaggerated motion of trying to hear what she is saying)

Her: I’m LEAVING you!

You: Thank God! My NEXT girlfriend is TIRED of waiting!

Change her MOOD, not her MIND –
– there are going to be times when you DO fcuk up or she IS REALLY mad at you for WHATEVER reason. Most men make the mistake of talking to a girl the SAME way they would try and calm things down with a man- by talking LOGICALLY.

Women are not the same as Men.

They DO NOT respond well to LOGIC, especially when they are emotional.

So don’t try to CHANGE her MIND

Change her MOOD.

Chaser vs Chasee
– There is a CHASER in every relation, and a CHASEE. One party ALWAYS care MORE about the other. You as a man need to be the one who cares LESS


Because women are HYPERGAMOUS. Meaning they want a man who is BETTER than them. And when they are the ones CHASING the man for most of the relationship, they are satisfied that they are with someone BETTER than, cuz otherwise, the man would be chasing.

DO NOT try to make her HAPPY –
The EASIEST way to make a women UNHAPPY, is to give her everything she wants.

Yes, you read that right.

Saying NO –
You must have seen men who bend over backwards to make their girl/wife HAPPY.

The man takes her on foreign holidays, buys her luxury cars, sprawling mansions, haute couture, teaches the kids, does the laundry – she says it, he does it – only for the woman to grow EVEN MORE IRRITATED with the man.

That is because she is TESTING the man by making increasingly outrageous demands.

She WANTS him to say NO.

Only he doesn’t and digs himself DEEPER into a pit of despair which will end with her cheating, and then leaving him with half his money, most of his dignity and ALL of his kids.

Start saying NO to things that don’t FEEL right in your gut.

Setting and ENFORCING boundaries –
Having healthy boundaries is a crucial part of being a well-rounded human being. And this is even more important in context of a romantic relationship. You decide for yourself how you will be treated as a person by others. The others can either choose to adhere to your rules for behaving with you, or they can choose not to interact with you at all – what they cannot do is VIOLATE your boundaries. E.g. one of earlier girlfriends addressed me by name. I looked at her calmly for a second, then told her she can address me as Sir/”aap” OR she can never talk to me. I was not angry as I said this – I was polite but forceful. She fretted but came around in 24 hours.

Women RESPECT you when they can tell – that you WILL walk away from them if they violate your boundaries.

Fcuk her well

Yes, you read that right as well

S3x is the GLUE that holds romantic relationships together.

A girl’s s3x life determines how calm and submissive she is OUTSIDE the bedroom towards her husband.

Most men have the lovey-dovey kind of s3x that they have seen in romance movies.

Sure, women LIKE romantic s3x – 10 to 20% of the time.

The REST of the time they want to BE FCUKED.


Like they show in P0RN.

Yes, P0RN.

Now I am not suggesting you get addicted to p0rn.

But KNOW that 80% of the time, your girl wants to be RAVAGED.


That FEELING of your strength is what makes her submissive, servile, and respectful OUTSIDE the bedroom.

And if you are a nice guy who is concerned about HURTING your girl, don’t worry – girls are PRETTY tough when it comes to s3x – and if you are going TOO hard – she will TELL you.

And you don’t have to be Casanova to be good in bed.

Fcuk her hard, smack her ass, pull her hair – not necessarily in that order.

You’ll be fine.

Remember – the s3x is 80% for YOUR satisfaction.

Girls WANT you to use their body for YOUR satisfaction.

YOUR lust turns THEM on

It PLEASES them to PLEASE you.

ALL your insecurities surrounding s3x as a Man, come from this idea of PLEASING the woman.

It has been DRILLED into our heads by mainstream media that men need to SATISFY women.


This stems from the idea discussed before – NEVER try to make a woman happy.

It is not YOUR job to satisfy HER in bed or otherwise.

It is HER job to IMPRESS you!

She WANTS to know that her body brings you pleasure.

Once this mind shift occurs in your brain, your paradigm will shift from servant to predator – you are not there to serve her pleasure, you are a predator there to “devour” her body.

Do WHATEVER comes to your mind.

Don’t ASK


Don’t ask her to change positions, just throw her into the position you want.

Don’t ASK her if something feels good – ASSUME it does – she WILL tell you if something doesn’t feel good.

Fcuk her like to you PAID for her.

The bedroom is THE LAST PLACE a woman wants to be respected.

If you want to learn HOW TO FCUK drop us an email and we will get in touch.

Make your purpose your FIRST priority
-Most men grow up believing that FINDING a girl and making her happy is their LIFE’s priority.


Your MISSION is your FIRST priority.

Your hobbies, your family, your friends, your PETS come after that.

Your girl comes fourth or fifth.

AND she is HAPPY knowing that she does!

Girls DO NOT want to be NUMBER ONE in your life!

And if you TRY to make them your PRIME duty, they will resent you for it!

Long ago, I heard the interview of an Army Wife.

She was GUSHING how the FIRST time she met her now Army husband, he clearly told her he was already married to the love of his life.

The Army

Any nice guy would think the girl would be MAD hearing this and would reject the proposal

QUITE the contrary.

She MARRIED him and VERY was proudly narrating the story of how they met.

Girls DO NOT want to be Number 1 in your life.

Make your mission your priority.

It can be your job, your side hustle, your health, your studies, your business, WHATEVER.


Anything but HER.

She NEEDS to see you PASSIONATE about something OTHER than other.

– Seems obvious, but many men fall into this trap of rewarding BAD behavior. Now I am not saying men buy women gifts for being bad to them. No, what I mean is women will PURPOSELY start fights or create drama when they want attention. And attention is THE BIGGEST reward for women. Attention is to women what s3x is to men – only attention is MORE valuable to women. So, the next time a girl is behaving in a way that you do not approve of, DO NOT respond to her – do NOT give her any attention. Let her calm down and articulate her grievance in a MATURE manner. Until she does, you REMOVE your attention. You DO NOT try to calm her or worse, argue with her – that is doing EXACTLY what she wants.

DO NOT let her manipulate you
– Girls as young as six know how to climb up on to their Father’s lap, cry fake tears and get the Dad to do their bidding.

Women ONLY respect men they CANNOT manipulate.

Women can only LOVE men they RESPECT.

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