One of THE most common queries I get is, “Sir, HOW do I meet women NEAR me?”

People are busy.

Studies, work, gym and what not. It is efficient to find ways to meet women near you, if you are not one for social media and dating apps.

Personally, I peg COLD APPROACH as the BEST method for meeting girls.

There is chemistry and eye contact and pheromones that are just absent when talking to people on-screen.

BEFORE you approach any girl, you need to have your BASICS down.

Fresh hair cut AT LEAST every 2 weeks.

Clothes in colours, cuts and fits that complement your body type (PLEASE don’t be the guy who has TEN colours in his outfit)

Cologne that YOU like AND fits the time of day and weather of the year.

ADULT shoes – clean and suiting your personality and style.

Accessories that match your vibe

And goes without saying – bathe, brush and floss your teeth, trim your nails, and body hair.

IF you want to take your dressing sense, cologne selection and grooming to the NEXT level, drop us a message using the contact us form, and we can talk about whether you are a good fit for our Personal Style and Grooming Session.

Good. Now that you have your basics sorted, let’s get this how on the road.

1) University and College Campuses

The NUMBER 1 place to find women who are not only OPEN but EAGER to meeting YOU is the local university and college campuses.

rejection is common in cold-approach and you will QUICKLY develop a reputation.

Instead, go to OTHER colleges and universities or areas where extra classes tuition classes are ABUNDANT, the girls willing – and you are unlikely to meet anyone you KNOW.

2) UPSCALE Libraries and Bookstores

Notice I said UPSCALE libraries and bookstores.

These libraries are privately owned and operated and have expensive membership fees. Hence, the girls that come here are also from affluent families. Same goes for bookstores.

And the REASON I said “libraries” in the first place is because girls who frequent libraries and bookstores are more CEREBRAL – they are smarter.

Also, they are more inclined to be introverts – people who would rather spend time alone than partying.

If you are looking for shy, quiet, nerdy girls, visit your nearby libraries and bookshops. You may just find yourself starting to like books as well.

3) Cafes

It should go without saying, but I mean UPSCALE indi cafes – not those FAMOUS chain coffee places that are frequented by girls JUST to take pics and make reels for social media.

No, there are PLENTY of quaint cafes – you are just ONE search away from finding them.

Make a habit of visiting ONE new cafe every day – and you will get a feel for which places are frequented by the kinds of girls YOU like.

HINT – Cafes NEAR Unis and colleges are usually a GREAT place to start.

4) Members ONLY clubs

Members only clubs are the ones where ONLY people who have paid for a membership are allowed.

Needless to say, only people from affluent families go there. Every city has at least ONE such member only club.

See if you can join. It will make your job of finding girls from good families easier – AND improve your social life.

These can be a Golf Club, a health Club, Rotary Club, Defense Officers Club and so on.

5) Special Events

There may be special events in your city now and then – a play at a theatre, an art exhibit, a wine tasting event, a dog show – these are the type of occasions that girls with refined taste LOVE to attend.

You can simply search for them online, although there are those that are secret and invite only – so keep your social circle LARGE. The more high-end and exclusive the event, the higher the caliber of girls who attend.

Now that you know WHERE to go to meet women near you, let us help you with HOW to go up to these women and their friends, strike up a conversation, get her out on a date and MORE. You can start with the AWESOME FREE stuff on our products page OR you can Fastrack your progress by signing up for an invite to one our programs TAILORED FOR YOU – use the contact us form to get in touch if you want to take control of your LOVE LIFE!

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