Take a look at this girl.
What would MOST men do if they saw her on the street?
Yep – you guessed it – they would just GAWK at her, WISHING they could go up to and talk to her.
And if she HAPPENS to make eye contact with them – they avert their eyes.
If you are one of these men, it’s OK – it’s not YOUR fault you can’t just confidently strut up to every girl you want and charm her pant(ie)s off – you can blame it on evolutionary psychology (approaching the WRONG woman in pre-historic times meant death, or best case scenario – perpetual singledom) and society (men are BAD, having sexual desires is WRONG, good men don’t look at women THAT way, women don’t want s3x – so on and so forth).
Even though it is not YOUR fault that you ARE this way, it is YOUR responsibility to CHANGE if you want success in the Indian Dating market – and that is EXACTLY why I am here.
To help YOU go – from an under-confident boy who freezes up any time he is around a pretty woman – to a self-assured confident man BEAUTIFUL women feel SHY around – no matter your height, skin colour, aesthetics, race, financial situation, etc. Make no mistake, these things MATTER (and we DO have courses to help you improve some of these areas of your life), but what matters MOST is your mindset and FRAME.
I want to help you find the solution to your PRESSING problem “How do I find a girlfriend?”
So let’s get started.

1.) Women are MUCH more afraid of YOU than you are of THEM – Imagine her
Weighs 40 kilos
Stands 5 feet 2 inches (sometimes in heels 😀 )
Has the strength of a 12 year old boy
No hand eye co-ordination
Can’t go to the washroom alone
Screams when she is startled
Pees when she sneezes
And you are AFRAID of HER? I’ll wait till you are done laughing at yourself
Once you internalize that women are much more afraid of you than you are of them, you will realise that you are, IN FACT, not afraid of GIRLS – you are afraid of REJECTION.

2.) De-sensitise yourselfThe VERY FIRST TIME you get rejected by a girl, you’ll FEEL very bad. Most guys get STUCK here – and NEVER approach a girl AGAIN.
Makes sense – getting rejected by a girl YOU like, HURTS – and you NEVER want to feel that way EVER again!
You have a choice – never feel that sting of rejection but also never get the girls you want
Get over your fear of rejection AND approach EVERY GIRL you want.
For the sake of your masculinity, I HOPE you chose the SECOND option.
You EXPOSE yourself to rejection again and again and again.
This is EXPOSURE THERAPY. You DE-sensitise yourself to something unpleasant by WILLFULLY exposing yourself to it repeatedly over a span of time.
I am aware this sounds rough – and it IS in the beginning, but after a few times, girls rejections will roll off your back, and won’t affect how you feel.
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3.) Body Language – Most people are UNAWARE of their body language. Which is to be expected since it was very hard to be cognizant of your OWN body language ALL the time.
But you CAN remember a few KEY points.
ESPECIALLY when talking to women.
Keep your body relaxed – a bit LOOSE. Don’t be rigid, or stand stiff like a soldier.
Turn your body at angle to the girl you are interested in – facing her with your body telegraphs TOO much interest.
DON’T lean in
Keep you arms and hands loose by your side or you can gesture with them as you talk. Don’t keep your hands in your pockets, crossed in front of your body, behind yourself, or worse – clasped over your crotch
Don’t look DOWN – look into her eyes when you are talking to her.
Don’t have a BIG smile on your face – as a rule, with a girl you like – SMIRK, don’t smile – it is seen as placating
Keep your face relaxed, and your expression calm or slightly amused. DON’T play a Varun Dhawan character from a comedy.
Breath evenly, and DEFNINTELY every time before you speak
Speak SLOWLY, audibly.
These pointers a JUST a SMALL part of what we teach guys in our different webinars and in-field coaching. If you want to get your Body language ON POINT, sign-up here.

4.) You are not there to impress HER, she is there to impress YOU
– Most men when talking to women VERY ACTIVELY try to IMPRESS them. They will make jokes, try to sell themselves, agree with everything she says, and let her lead the conversation.
You can do that if you want to be FRIENZONED on the SPOT
Girls want guys they can LOOK UP TO.
And she can ONLY look up to you IF she feels you are better than her.
And people DO NOT try to impress those lesser than them – only those ABOVE them.
So, by TRYING to impress her, you have SHOWN yourself to be inferior, and auto-rejected yourself.
Instead, approach every girl with the mindset of seeing whether SHE is good enough for YOU
It doesn’t matter HOW pretty she is – beauty is common – you’re either BORN with it or you BUY it. You want to see if there is MORE to her than just her looks.

5.) Confidence – Confidence is NOT the key to success with women.
And how do you build supreme unshakeable confidence?
Be NON-reactive.
Meaning you don’t JUMP to say or do anything, unless it is an emergency – and those are RARE.
Any time a woman says or does something to provoke a reaction, you PAUSE for a moment
Take a deep breath
And then RESPOND.
Once you habituate yourself to these behaviours, meeting women will be a BREEZE. And these are JUST the TIP of the iceberg that is your COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION. If you wan to take your dating and relationships to the NEXT level, join us for our next Webinar HERE.
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