The DREADED Friendzone – a place of FULL commitment to boyfriend duties from YOUR end, and ZERO commitment of ANY perks from HERS.

No wonder girls friendzone guys left, right and center – it’s a win-win for them, and lose-lose for YOU.

Let me tell you something that will PINCH you even more now – the girl who FRIENDZONED you – wanted to FCUK you the FIRST time she SAW you – and then you defaulted to the Hindi Movie masala trope of TRYING to be her FRIEND.

So she obliged

And friendzoned you.

Anyway, BEFORE prescribing the CURE, a GOOD Doctor ALWAYS tells you HOW you fell ILL in the FIRST place. Now that we are DONE with HOW you landed YOURSELF in the friendzone, let’s get you started on the path to ENTERING the FCUK-zone.


1) Tell me if this is YOU – you are at her BECK and CALL – 24/7, 365 – after all – you WANT to be a GOOD friend to her – and the BETTER friend you are, the CLOSER you two will get and eventually FALL IN LOVE with you, right?



STOP trying to be her FRIEND.

Don’t always be available.

Scarcity creates value.

The next time she calls or texts, if YOU don’t feel like picking up – don’t.

I BET SHE doesn’t always respond to your messages and calls IMMEDIATELY.

In fact, respond when YOU have nothing better to do – that’s what SHE does.

She wants to cry on your shoulder to help her get over a breakup? “You’ll get over it.”

She wants to vent about the state of the Indian Dating Market. “Don’t you have FEMALE friends to talk about this shit?”

She wants your input on how to get a date with a guy she likes? “Don’t BORE me”

She wants to cry and ask how to get over being cheated on. “Look, I gotta go, but you’ll be OK”


2) Do things WITHOUT her.

I bet EVERY time you want to go see a movie, or visit a new place, or just chill, SHE is ALWAYS your FIRST invite.

Is it any wonder WHY she feels she is the MOST important person in your World?

Make plans that DON’T involve her.

And don’t inform her.

Go have fun with OTHER people.

If she doesn’t KNOW those people – even BETTER

3) Talk to OTHER girls. 

Just don’t make a SHOW of it by doing it OVERTLY in front of it.

That will be SEEN for what it is – a TRANSPARENT attempt at making her jealous. Not only will she go ahead and make YOU jealous by flirting with other guys in front of you, she will be WISE to your game.

Best to start talking to other girls when she is not there.

Trust me, the info WILL reach her.

And that is what we want – intel of YOUR socialising with other chicks – given to her by OTHER chicks!

4) START your self-improvement journey

Start working out

Read a Book

Join a Cycling Club

Learn a new language

Join a Dance Class

Do something. 

ANYTHING – that will make you DIFFERENT. Better. Than the guy she knew you as.

Personally, I think joining a MMA will make the MOST difference for you.

5) Keep your Social Media updated

So that she KNOWS you are LIVING LIFE UP!

Don’t TAG her.

That will be TOO obvious.

You WANT her to SEE you

You DON’T want her to KNOW that you WANT her to see you.

Get it? 😉 

If you demote her to acquaintance

Have a life WITHOUT her

Talk to OTHER girls

Self improve in VERY obvious ways

AND keep giving her glimpses of your new life via Social Media

She will not only be missing the old you, she will be WANTING the NEW you

This will take any where from 6 to 12 months – depending upon how DEEP you were in the Friendzone, and HOW MUCH YOU IMPROVE YOURSELF.

But there is a JACKPOT

You WILL notice something if you do as I instructed.

I won’t reveal it to you RIGHT NOW – and no, it’s not her wanting MORE than just friendship from you.

I want to see HOW MANY of you ACTUALLY have the discipline and drive to go THROUGH with a 6-12 month long process.

Delayed – gratification is the NUMBER ONE predictor of success.

Get in touch with me when you find out what the JACKPOT is – I have a SURPRISE for you.

A PRIZE – for putting in the HARD work and following my directions.

I want You to WIN!


  1. Everything in this blog is 💯 correct, I also freindzoned by her.
    Thanks bro to reach us how to be a men

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