WARNING: This is a WHAT TO DO guide on how to get over a breakup, NOT a feel-good write-up. IF you are clinically depressed or are contemplating self-harm, get PROFESSIONAL psychiatric help.  
So you got DUMPED. Yeah – how do I know? Because you are a GUY – and girls do the dumping in 99% of the cases. Relax

There is a 99% chance you did NOTHING wrong, and the break-up up has NOTHING to do with YOU – girls make STUPID choices EVERY DAY.

Girls will leave GREAT guys – guys who LOVED them dearly, to go running after an asshole who she KNOWS is no good, or she simply wanted to sample a GREATER variety of dicks.

And MAKE NO MISTAKE – she DID leave you for ANOTHER guy(S). Girls can NEVER be single by choice. They FIND your replacement MONTHS – sometimes YEARS before they dump you.

Which means – she was CHEATING on you for 6 – 8 months AT LEAST before she ACTUALLY ended it with you. And by cheating, I mean FUCKING OTHER GUYS.

Girls SOLIDIFY their hold on the next guy BEFORE they move on. THIS is why girls get a NEW guy SO quickly – she didn’t FIND him AFTER things ended with YOU – the guy (and others) was ALREADY there for a LONG time.

I know – HARD to hear – but better you hear it from me now than find out yourself later.
By now, you are REELING from what I have told you – I know I was when I first learned how girls operate.  
Enough with the machinations of women

Let’s get to the point where I tell you HOW to get over a breakup.

Go meet new girls – a LOT of them.

That’s it.

I learnt this trick from girls themselves – there is a PRIVATE joke among girls.

How do you get OVER a guy?

By getting UNDER new ones.

LOL bhitha joke ke end mein

Pithy as it may seem – it works

The reason you are SO FIXATED on your ex, is because you haven’t given your brain OTHER girls to fixate ON!

Go out clubbing, set up online dating profiles, cold approach girls at the mall with your friends. Once you have just TALKED to 4-5 girls, you will feel much LIGHTER.

Give yourself a target of approaching, flirting and asking out at least ONE new girl a day for a WEEK.

And once you are regularly talking to new girls, you will realize that ALL girls are basically the same – there might be some differences in physicality and individual quirks, but they ALL make you feel the same way.

The reason you thought your ex was special was because of the IMAGE of her you had created in your head.

And it was the IMAGE of her that you fell for – not the person.

Girls are not SUGAR and SPICE and EVERYTHING NICE.


They are human.

Women love OPPURTUNISTICALY – they see a guy they want MORE, they’ll leave you.


No one loves unconditionally. And that is how it SHOULD be – if love were unconditional, we would ALL be fat, lazy bums. No one would work out, eat right, earn money, or DO ANYTHING worthwhile.

Women love fit, rich, successful, charismatic men.

Which is why Men WANT to be fit, rich, successful, and charismatic.

You can complain about the unfairness of it.

Or you can use that to your advantage.

The trick to breaking a BAD habit – or an addiction, is NOT DISCIPLINE or SELF CONTROL, it is doing what you SHOULD have been doing in the first place.

e.g. someone with a porn habit might try to control it with DISCIPLINE. When instead they should be out picking up girls – after all – sex and intimacy is why they watch porn, right?

My clients report that when they go talk to even ONE girl, they don’t feel like watching porn AT ALL that day!

She is also an ADDICTION.

As long as you were giving yourself COPIUS doses of her(drug), your brain was happy (dopamine)

But when she is no longer available, you are in EMOTIONAL PAIN, your brain is CLAMOURING for those dopamine hits.


Just like when you have coffee every morning, and then one day you don’t, you feel IRRITATED and WANT to have that cup of coffee.

ALL you have to do, is give your brain DIFFERENT “drugs” to get its dopamine hit – and by drugs, I mean GIRLS.

As soon as you talk to other girls, you will feel MUCH better.

If you want help approaching girls, get in touch and let us help set YOU up for dating SUCCESS!

P.S. DO NOT take her back. Girls come back to you when they FAIL to replace you – meaning they guy(S) she left you for, only wanted to fuck her – they did NOT see her worth a relationship – which is why she is back trying to “make things work”. NEVER take back a girl who left you – she will lose respect for you if you do, and HATE you for it, because now she is with a LOW VALUE MAN – since no self-respecting man would take back a girl who left him – this is just how girls think. Re-reading a book again will NOT change the ending – there is a REASON the relationship ended – let it be.

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