How to get a Girlfriend

Let’s be HONEST here for a second – you don’t want a GIRLFRIEND – you want a girl to HAVE SEX WITH. Most guys STILL believe that you HAVE to be in a relationship with a girl – i.e. MAKE her your girlfriend – for her to ALLOW you to have sex with her. I assure you – NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. What if I told you, girls ROUTINELY have sex with guys they JUST met? YES, DESI girls, studious girls, shy girls, conservative girls, village girls, salwar suit wearing, speccy, oiled hair in a braid girls – ALL fuck on the FIRST date! Western culture has permeated everywhere mobile internet has. Girls in villages are watching the SAME movies and listening to the SAME songs that ULTRA modern girl in South Delhi or Mumbai. They want to live the SAME lifestyle they see in those movies – hookups, causal sex, MULTIPLE boyfriends – and they do ALL this WHILE maintaining the facade of the quintessential GOOD GIRL. Now that you have been disabused of the notion that, in order to have sex with a girl, you NEED to make her your girlfriend, let me add that if she has a LOT of VALUE BEYOND being a HOT girl who has sex with you WHENEVER you want (and her being HOT IS important since a LOT of guys are having sex with girls they are NOT attracted to), THEN you can consider making her your gf. ANYWAY, enough with the buildup. Let’s answer that BURNING question – HOW DO I FIND A GIRLFRIEND.

The Indian Dating Scene is MESSED UP. Let’s help you make some sense of it – the STRAIGHTFORWARD way to find a girl to have sex with is to go to a night club. There you can meet plenty of girls, talk to a lot of them, dance with a few, and possibly take one HOME the SAME night. Of course, you’ll have to PAY the cover charge. Just make sure you don’t BUY anything for any girl – that is ONE sure shot way of getting USED, and showing girls you are a LALLU who doesn’t know how girls OPERATE. Girls usually don’t spend ANYTHING in a club – because of guys who keep buying them drinks and food. PRO TIP: Whenever a girl asks you to buy her a drink, smirk, and tell her you don’t buy drinks for girl – but she can buy YOU one. Don’t STICK to one girl like glue. Just because she is talking to you does NOT mean she LIKES you LIKE THAT. Girls flirt with dozens of guys in the club, dance with a few, make out with some on the dance floor, suck another one off in the bathroom, and hook up with a another in his car outside.

The SECOND way is Dating Apps or Social Media. And for those who say social media is NOT for dating, allow me to tell you – Instagram is the BIGGEST dating app in the WORLD! If you want to meet girls via dating apps or Social media – your pics and vids ARE PARAMOUNT. You WILL NEED professionally shot photos and videos – unless you can create professional quality results YOURSELF. Make no mistake, your pictures will MAKE or MAR your chances online. Once you are done with the pics and vids, work on your bio. Don’t make it COMPLICATED, don’t try to sound SMART (e.g. using BIG words like IDIOSYNCRACIES), and don’t SELL yourself (e.g. I am an Investment Banker). The bio needs to be SHORT, FUN and INTRIGUING. I used to give out my own bio as an example, but people just started copy-pasting it, so I had to stop. Get in touch with me if you want your bio crafted. MOST importantly – make SURE the profile, the pic, the bio are CONGRUENT to YOU – don’t try to be someone you are DEFINITELY NOT e.g. a chocolate boy trying to act like a bad boy. The point of your online profile is to talk to her and quickly get her off the app by taking her number. DO NOT be the LALLU who accepts her instagram – that means NOTHING and is just a means to ADD you to her list of orbiters (read losers). In 5-6 back and forth sentences, say, “let’s get off the app, what’s your number”. DO NOT be her texting buddy. If she is taking TOO long to respond, or says she needs to get to know you better, go silent – she does not like you like that and is JUST USING YOU for attention WHILE talking to the guy she REALLY wants – who is leaving HER on read. Some guy WAY below you is tired of FUCKING that girl YOU are pining for – ALWAYS keep that in mind.

The THIRD way is, if there is already a girl you LIKE and want. Basically, there is
a girl you already know who may be in your class, your office, your gym, etc. whom you
want to have ‘private’ relations with, lol. I have a guide SPECIALLY tailored for that.
Click HERE to get a FREE SAMPLE of it.

The FOURTH way is to cold approach girls you like going about your life. You
see a cute girl at the Mall – you walk up to her and her friends, talk to them, take her
number and get her out on a date. This takes the MOST courage, and is, by FAR, the
most rewarding. THIS is the simplest answer to the common question I get asked – how
to meet women near me.
If you want to learn from me, one on one, in-field, how to go up to any girl and
ask her out on a date, drop me a DM, and we’ll see when the next coaching slot opens
How to get a date part is EASY. It is the RELATIONSHIP that is more complex –
which is why I started giving relationship advice for MEN. People also call me a dating

coach but I am MUCH more than that – because dating is a SMALL part of what I do
and teach.


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